Hard Rock Cafe Downtown Minneapolis

Hard Rock Knob
For more photos, visit Minneapolis Daily Photo

RNC Convention Protest Photos

Do Not Enter
Here’s a photomontage of my adventures Thursday Night in Downtown St. Paul during the Republican Convention. The oddest thing about the experience was that despite the apparent tension expressed in the photos, everyone was really calm and civil. It was just a few agitators that made it a problem. The cops were really cool about everything and not antagonistic at all. Read more, see photos

Support for Daily City Blog

Just posted a new photo of a Northern Shoveler on the site this morning.

Minneapolis Greenway Bridge Part Two

I added another picture of the Minneapolis Greenway bridge.

Minneapolis Midtown Greenway

The Midtown greenway bridge is open! Take a look at the great new pictures at Mitchster.com

New picture of Lake of the Isles

There’s a new photo of Lake of the Isles on mitchster.com

Oak Trees

New post on mitchster.com about tree photography. Lots about color theory and photographing  trees.